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Our Story


Lindsey King founded What You Deserve in 2019, when she organized a day of
makeovers for two moms that were in need during the holiday season. This
inspired Lindsey to form a non-profit organization to continue providing moms in
need with support, services, and a way to feel confident about themselves. 


This is just beginning, we have big goals in order to help a large scale of women
break down the pressures of being a modern mother. Being a mom today is full
of pressure and can often feel lonely and stressful. What You Deserve is here to
let moms know they aren’t alone. We are so excited for big things to come in the
future such as monthly support groups, work books to help with time
management and confidence.


Stay connected via email and social media for future events and opportunities to volunteer.

Meet the Team


Lindsey King


Hey You! My name is Lindsey King and I live in Poway, California outside of San Diego. I am a hairstylist at The Beauty Bungalow salon, and a mom of two. I am married to an incredible man who supports all of my dreams and ideas. And that’s exactly what this is; a dream of mine I am able to make come to life.

As a kid, I had a philanthropic nature. I collected money year-round in my piggy bank and my parents allowed me to spend it on what I wanted that year in December. Instead, I gave it out to the homeless in downtown Seattle. This idea of a “Mom Makeover” came to me after hearing about the pressures and the struggles of mom life during the holidays, with the highest expectations and financial stretching, just trying to please everyone. There is nothing left for yourself. Being a mom, it’s so easy to let the mom guilt and neglect consume you. In 2019 this started as a Facebook thread in a Mom group, and this year it has elevated to so much more. I just know the best is yet to come.


Corey Felter

Board Member

Corey has a background in working with children with special needs Pre-K through 6th grade and their families. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Services with the goal of doing her part to help others. Her passion resides with helping people in the community who need extra support to ensure that they receive any necessary resources in order to live life to the best of their ability, with an emphasis on special needs. She brings to the board her patience, cultural competence, and commitment to seeing people thrive. 


Caylin Frank

Board Member

Caylin Frank is a Poway City Councilmember and mom of two young children. She has an extensive background in public policy, with experience at both the federal and local levels. She is active in various organizations in Poway that serve our community and is dedicated to giving back to other moms.


Lisa Tate

Board Member

Lisa has lived in Poway for over 20 years. During this time, she continuously volunteered in school sport programs, PTA, and other youth programs to support the interests of her two daughters while they went to school in Poway.

With her daughters grown now, Lisa decided to give back to the community by volunteering at the Poway Chamber of Commerce. She is currently their Secretary and Parliamentarian. Lisa also joined the Board of WYD to focus more on moms in need.

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